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Best Choice For Private Jet Charters To Orlando Florida

The private jet charter industry has been changing. Most obvious that we all know is the increase in fuel costs. We see it every time we fill up our cars. Add to that inflation on everything, including increased hourly wages. And let’s not forget the shortage of pilots. So, what is the best choice for private jet charters to Orlando Florida.

We all have heard about the pilot shortages. So many commercial airline flights are being canceled over flight crews. But the good news is, lots of pilots are moving to flying private corporate executive jets. It’s less stress and more predictable work. And believe it or not, the pay is about the same.

For starters, when you want to take a jet charter to any city, it’s best to deal with someone who is local. What I am saying is a jet charter company based in either where you are coming from or going to. The good news is you’re flying to Florida where many people want to live. And that includes pilots.

In the jet charter world, there is something called repositioning. That means the aircraft and or the pilot may not be local to you. And you guessed it, you pay for that repositioning cost. So locally based is less expensive. Not to mention the pilot has plenty of experience with the local airports.

And when you’re talking about Orlando there are two well positioned executive airports for private jets. If you’re headed to Disney, it’s the Kissimmee Gateway Airport. In case you didn’t know, Disney’s Magic Kingdom is in Kissimmee, not Orlando. If you’re headed to the Orlando area, then it’s the Executive Airport.

Now what about the best choice. There can be a huge and I mean really big cost difference when booking a private jet charter. The cost for the same flight on the same aircraft can vary by as much as 300% or more. There are several companies based in Orlando, but we’ve been here a lot longer than any of them. And yes, we’ll get you the best price and service, based on your requirements. It’s not always the price for some clients.

Here is a link to locate your charter. FIND MY FLIGHT.

Enjoy your trip to Orlando Florida.

Best Choice For Private Jet Charters To Orlando Florida

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