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Safety Certifications

ARGUS and WYVERN Charter Safety Ratings

In the charter aviation industry, there are 2 trusted third-party safety rating agencies. The Aviation Research Group United States (ARGUS) and the WYVERN rating systems help to set the highest safety standards. Though each serves a similar purpose, they each hold operators to varying standards and offer unique designations. An understanding of these safety rating systems will help you make an informed decisions when selecting a charter. 

ARGUS is an independent safety rating system, producing safety grades and maintaining records for thousands of aircraft and pilots. ARGUS International was founded in 1995 and is the most detailed source of third-party ratings for charter operations. If you’ve viewed safety documentation for chartered flights in the past, you may be familiar with ARGUS safety rating levels.

Operators that have a safety history equal to or greater than their peers are provided with an ARGUS Gold Rating, and through the addition of an on-site operational audit, can achieve the highest accreditation available through an independent, unbiased third party, an ARGUS Platinum Rating.

WYVERN is another independent company supplying ratings and certifications. The company creates and updates safety criteria and conducts regular audits. It also provides safety intelligence data, leader training, and software solutions. Through WYVERN, charter operators achieve certification.

The WYVERN Wingman program offers safety certification for charter operators. WYVERN Wingman operators show an elevated commitment to safety. They have to meet strict criteria, undergo regular audits, and keep WYVERN updated about any operational changes to maintain their Wingman status. WYVERN registration and Wingman certification are not equivalent.


Fly With Confidence

Rest assured all of the charter operators are fully vetted to be sure they meet or exceed safety standards. At InstaJet Charters our goal is to always exceed our clients’ expectations. We value our clients and know there are choices. We work every day to earn your business. 

Safe Aircraft

Be assured we only work with operators who meet WYVERN Charter Safety Standards

Client Satisfaction

Our longevity and track record in the aviation industry speaks for itself.


We use only the most experienced ARGUS Registered / Certified Brokers

InstaJet Charters is a no cost referral service connecting travelers to aircraft owners, carriers or brokers that meet a specific flight request. All aircraft and carriers selected are fully certified by The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Under Part 135 Regulations. Air carriers are solely responsible for the flights. We do not own or 0perate any aircraft. Nor are we a broker, direct carrier, or operator. 

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