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Super Light Jets

Among the most often used aircraft, light jets are a perfect choice for destinations within a few hours away. Designed for shorter, regional flights of up to 2,500 nautical miles.  These luxury aircraft provide the speed and comfort for up to 6 to 8 passengers looking for a quick day trip or a business meeting in a nearby city. 


The Phenom 300 has quickly taken over the overall performers in this class. It is built by Brazilian-based Embraer. Although only on the market since 2008, it has already surpassed all other executive jets for units delivered. It features windows larger than those found in many mid-size jets.

  • 7 Passengers
  • 1,900 nautical mile range
  • 495 mph cruise speed
  • 17 ft 2 in cabin length
  • Stretched out fuselage
  • Advanced Avionics
  • Pratt & Whitney engines. 


The Learjet 45 and 45XR (increased range) is built by Bombardier Aerospace Company. The Lear 45 can soar at an altitude of 51,000 feet, well over any inclement weather, and boasts a climb rate of 2,466 feet per minute. Built for speed and comfort.

  • 9 Passengers
  • 1,400 nautical mile range
  • 530 mph cruise speed
  • 19 ft 9 in cabin length
  • Flat floor cabin
  • Advanced Avionics
  • Honeywell TFE731-20-BR engines


The Citation CJ3 is built by Cessna. This business jet provides exceptional space for six executives in its club-seating format, but it can also be configured to provide private jet service for as many as eight passengers and two crew members. 

  • 7+ Passengers
  • 1,700 nautical mile range
  • 478 mph cruise speed
  • 15 ft 8 in cabin length
  • Advanced Avionics
  • Williams FJ44-3A engines

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