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Boca Jet Quote Request

Boca Jet Quote Request

    Who We Are

    We began in 1980 as an award winning film and video production company. We soon became the leaders in aviation marketing, with many household names as clients. Our management team includes pilots and aircraft enthusiasts. Our years of expertise have created a single place where luxury aircraft travel is now available and affordable for everyone. We hope you enjoy using and experiencing InstaJet Charters. 



    InstaJet Charters is an air charter broker / referral service that does not own, maintain, or operate aircraft.  InstaJet Charters  is not a direct air carrier. All advertised air charter transportation services are offered and provided by third-party FAA-licensed direct air carriers, certified under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 135, Part 129, or Part 121 as issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, or properly licensed foreign direct air carriers. 

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