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Discount Private Jet Charters App Now Available from Blue Island Digital

We all have dreamed of flying in a private jet like the rich and famous. There is a little-known fact that many companies who offer private jet charters have empty flights. They are called empty legs. Typically, when someone hires a private jet company the flight is just for one way. The other way back is empty. If those seats can be filled its found money for the charter company which is sold at a discount. Introducing InstaJet Charters. The brand-new discount private jet charters app now available from Blue Island Digital.

How InstaJet Charters works Is all the available flights are searchable from the App. Simply search for a city or date and see if there are discount flights available. If you’re interested in a particular flight, just provide some basic contact info and that’s it. Once we get you the cost, you can counter with what you’re willing to pay.  Kinda like a Priceline for charter jets. There is no obligation until you are happy with the cost.

Currently the App is servicing flights in the Southeast U.S. and Bahamas but will be expanding over the coming months.

So you ask how much of a savings is this over the cost of a regular private jet charter flight ?

Traditionally its better than 50% and if you wait to book till the last minute, it can be even more !

Remember the charter jet company has already been paid for the round-trip flight so these flights are at no additional cost to them.

And if you’re planning a vacation with a group and have some flexibility, you may be able to get 2 empty legs to build a custom round trip. Many corporate executives fly the same schedule so the destinations may be available on a regular basis.

The bottom line is whatever the reason to fly, you can now fly a private jet inexpensively with the discount private jet charters app now available from Blue Island Digital.

About Blue Island Digital: Is a provider of specialized digital marketing services, including Progressive Web App development. Blue Island is part of the 42-year-old Southern Exposure Group that includes Florida Film and Tape. Originally called Blue Island Design, which began in 2000, it became Blue Island Digital in 2015.

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