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New Exclusive Boca Raton Private Jet Charter Service Launches

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: InstaJet Charters, provider of on demand private jets, is changing the game in South Florida. The new exclusive Boca Raton private jet charter service launches this week.

The project called “The Boca Jet” has been in the works for over 2 years. The goal is to have consistency in aircraft so it’s a personalized experience. Each flight experience will be custom tailored to fit the personal requirements of that client. Even personalized aircraft on demand. Attention to every detail will be catered to by the best chefs, designers, and planners.

According to Owner, Jorge Cappel, “We have entered into marketing agreements with some of the most prestigious organizers of events for celebrities, venues, and social media influencers. The new service will initially provide customized regional jets from Boca Raton to the northeast and Caribbean. We will be featuring the coolest, luxurious, and safest aircraft in the industry.

One of the unique features of this service will be the availability of scheduled aircraft to coincide with celebrity private or venue events. In the past it was a scramble to just get what aircraft might be available. Here elite clients will know with complete confidence that a custom-catered aircraft will be available that will be consistent every time.

Even with fractional ownership, like a timeshare, or a jet card, it’s still hit or miss for availability and/or quality of aircraft. “The Boca Jet” will provide the best without the hundreds of thousands of dollar investment in prepaid cards or ownership.

The fleet will primarily be Citation and Phenom aircraft. A second tier featuring Hawker and Learjet aircraft will be available for other on demand flights. Flights will also be available from Fort Lauderdale Executive and Miami (Opa-Locka).

More details will be released over the coming weeks, including a look at the incredible people who are part of this exciting new service.

A custom quote page has been set up for these exclusive flights. CLICK HERE to request a quote or email at

New Exclusive Boca Raton Private Jet Charter Service Launches

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