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Orlando Private Jet Rental Company Changes The Game

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: InstaJet Charters was an innovator in the empty leg flight referral business. Now the Orlando private jet rental company changes the game. The company is now offering all fight availabilities with one quote request. And they mean all !! Read on..

Additionally, the company plans a strategic partner announcement of going beyond the referral business.

Now when a customer requests a quote, all flights, including empty legs, are considered. Additionally, new technology and exclusive collaboration of charter companies with InstaJet allows new theoretical non-scheduled flights to be created.

In the past a customer had to go to multiple companies to get quotes. Also, they had to choose if they wanted an existing empty leg or not. And if it was not a standard route or a possible route that could be repositioned, the flight was not available. All of that has changed with InstaJet.

Every possible flight path, empty leg, repositioning or new theorical flight is considered when a customer requests a quote. Just one simple quote request and you’re done.

Customers and Charter Jet Operators alike are all asking the same question, how is this possible ?

We’ll its actually simple, Artificial Intelligence. We’ve all heard of it as it changes the world from industry to industry. InstaJet Charters is the first to utilize it in a way never seen before in the aviation industry.

The innovators behind this are the folks at Blue Island Digital. They have been aviation marketing experts for over 40 years. So, no surprise here.

The most valuable asset we have is our time. This is especially true with busy executive schedules. There is no time to just be shopping charter after charter. And with InstaJet you’ll never be overcharged.

Competition and fair pricing is the only way to fly privately.

So, if you want to get the best flights without wasting time just request a quote from InstaJet.

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Orlando Private Jet Rental Company Changes The Game

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