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Popular Private Jet Charter New York TEB To Miami OPF

With the weather starting to cool off in the northeast, more people are starting to head south. The popular private jet charter New York TEB To Miami OPF is now in demand.

For frequent private jet travelers, who know their aircraft, midsize jets may be the choice. You might think that a light jet would be more economical. Believe it or not a midsize jet may be a fair amount cheaper.

The reasons are pretty simple when you think about it. The smaller jets are used on all the shorter routes, more people fly short routes so aircraft demand can drive rates up. And since midsize jets can travel greater distances, the aircraft can continue on from a popular destination such as New York City or Miami. This actually makes the aircraft more attractive since the flyer won’t have to deal with repositioning costs.

When you think about repositioning costs for an aircraft, it’s just like another charter flight. It takes fuel and a flight crew not to mention hours on the aircraft.

Along those same lines, New York City airspace is very busy as is Miami being well traveled for international travelers seeking a tropical vacation. Most private jet traffic uses Opa-Locka Airport for Maimi and Teterboro for New York City. Again, time is money when it comes to a private jet.

So, back to the costs. A typical search for a flight on Avinode for a Teterboro to Miami flight on a midsize aircraft is about 25% cheaper than a light jet. And you may be flying on a Lear 60 as opposed to a Phenom 100.

It is always better to try to book a little in advance and to fly during the week. In this regard, private jet travel is similar to commercial airline travel.

And don’t forget the weather. Pilots and charter operators of private jets always factor weather into the trip. The most optimal and safest route may not be the least expensive. The good news is that this time of year south Florida does not have those daily thunderstorms like in the summer.

For more information contact us or just call one of our charter jet specialists at (386) 416-8536. You’ll get to talk to real person that can answer any questions, not a call center.

Popular Private Jet Charter New York TEB To Miami OPF

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