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Private Jet Charter Flights Available To Leave Israel Now

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: There is a rush now for private jet charters as many are trying to leave Israel. Most international carriers, including U.S. commercial airline companies, have cancelled all fights. So, private jets are one of the only options. We currently have several aircraft classes available, including airliner class, that can be booked. Some of these aircraft are already positioned overseas so can be readily available. There are private jet charter flights available to leave Israel now.

Flights can be booked with pick up at the Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport. But this is a war zone and an ever-changing situation. Should conditions become too dangerous, flights may be suspended.

These flights are not available for booking through our normal online booking system. And literally all the online systems used by the majority of providers are now sold out or unavailable.

We are handling calls for these requests through our Las Vegas office number (702) 714-3977 .  You will be able to talk to a charter consultant directly or you can send us an email at

We are not a direct carrier and are working with a network of carriers, brokers and operators to get these flights. This will save you time and hopefully get your flight ASAP.

If you need a flight, please call or email us. We do not know how long flights will continue to be available.

If you are looking for a smaller class aircraft to leave Israel, we will accommodate on a first come first served basis. Again, call or email us. These aircraft will not be capable of non-stop flights to the U.S. so will need a stopover destination.

We recognize that this is a very difficult time. We are working to find flights every day. And our hearts and prayers are with the people of Israel.

Based out of Orlando, we have been serving the aviation industry for over 40 years.

Private Jet Charter Flights Available To Leave Israel Now

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