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Private Jet Charters Company Expands to West Palm Beach

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Orlando based InstaJet Charters is on the move again. The private jet charter company expands to West Palm Beach.

Florida has the most private jet traffic compared to any other U.S. destination. West Palm Beach, Florida is the second busiest private jet airport. With a year over year 4.2% increase in traffic it’s only rivaled by New York City’s Teterboro Airport.

That equates to almost 50,000 private jet departures from West Palm Beach last year.

After recently opening in New York City, InstaJet Charters now has planned openings in more cities. Cities include Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Flight availability can be checked 24/7 from any airport as reported by over 7,500 air charter professionals. The recent collaboration with Corporate Aviation in Miami has allowed this rapid expansion.

The fight searcher function allows for immediate quotes along with type of available aircraft.

The InstaJet Charter website is also a Progressive Web App (PWA). This allows the download of the website as an app instantly.

A recent article from Aviation Marketing Experts in Orlando found InstaJet Charters had some of the best prices. The article discussed the huge price differences among some of the other jet charter companies. These were apples to apples comparisons with the exact same aircraft and airports. Some of the flight quotes were double compared to competitors.

Additionally, the best prices for private charter jet flights were obtained from companies where the client actually communicated with them. The companies with the instant prices, by far, were the most expensive. As if to say, if it’s instant, it’s probably going to be overpriced.

InstaJet Charters, like most private jet charters, is not a direct carrier. Direct carriers are focused on flights, aircraft and crews, not marketing. The industry has shifted over the years to clients dealing with brokers as opposed to direct carriers. This allows more competition and choices, as well as lower prices.

So, if you’re looking for a West Palm Beach private jet charter at the best price, you’ve found it.

Private Jet Charters Company Expands to West Palm Beach

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