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Save 40% On West Palm Beach Private Jet Charter

In a recent article, we discussed how to get a larger aircraft for less from Teterboro to Miami. Due to a number of factors it’s significantly less to fly on a midsize jet over a light jet. But there is more. If you consider Miami as your landing airport for a neighboring destination, the savings continue. As an example, you can save 40% on a private jet charter to West Palm Beach, by just landing at Miami OPF. Or 15% by landing at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport FXE.

It’s only a 30 minute drive from Fort Lauderdale or about 60 minutes from Miami. Is a 60 minute drive worth saving $8,000 ?

And it’s not just New York, there are significant savings on Las Vegas flights as well.

One of our specialties at InstaJet Charters is spending the time researching flights, aircraft availabilities and alternatives. What sets us apart from other aircraft charter companies is that we work with everyone.

Generally, the private jet charter business is broken into 2 groups, direct air carriers and brokers. In many cases the broker may be a better option since they deal with multiple carriers. A carrier will be limited to their own available aircraft.

Sometimes, brokers will have relationships with certain carriers who only deal with the public on a limited basis. This “secret sauce” as talked about in a recent Aircraft Guys article gives one broker a competitive edge over another.

At InstaJet Charters we work with carriers, limited basis carriers and brokers. We cover all the bases, so we find every available flight option. Additionally, as mentioned above, we will suggest alternatives to save you money. We are not a carrier or a broker. Think of us as your advocate.

Regardless if you fly on a regular basis or this is your first private jet charter, give us a call. Yes, call us. We’re here 24/7 and you can call us from anywhere in the world on WhatsApp. It’s the same number: (386)-416-8536.

Save 40% On West Palm Beach Private Jet Charter

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